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Wet Stuff Lite 90g Tube

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Wet Stuff Lite is a very slippery, non-sticky lube made for those that do not need much more assistance from a lube. Wet Stuff Lite is cooling to the skin and contains much less glycerine than longer lasting lubes. Lite is made for women who are too sensitive to be able to use the longer lasting lubes. It's inexpensive and if you don't need a lube that just lasts and lasts why pay for it. Wet Stuff Lite is one of a small number of water based lubes that do not need to be washed off. - A natural felling, clear silky gel to enhance your intimate pleasure. Cool and gentle to sensitive skin. - Increase safely and sensitivity of condoms and latex products. - Designed to supplement your natural lubrication before or during sex. If extended lubrication is required, just use a little more. - Edible. Free from sugars, colorings, perfumes & oils. - Excellent compatibility with body tissues. Does not alter natural pH. Low irritant formulation. As with all products, if irritation occurs, discontinue use. If it persists, consult a doctor. Non-staining. Clean up immediately if spilt. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. INGREDIENTS: purified water, glycerine, propylene glycol, hydroxy ethyl cellulose, polyquaternium 7, 10, 15 & 32; Methyl, Ethyl, propyl & butyl hydroxybenzoate, phenoxyethanol (preservatives); edta.