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The Royal Swan (SWAN 6)

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WHY SWAN? SWAN is the world's first collection comprising completely silicone covered products that offer end-to-end usage. The Swan line offers versatility and limitless pleasure with separate speed controls and a seamless design. Intended for pleasure seekers, these specialty vibrators are astonishing masterpieces. Rechargeable, waterproof, and 100 % silicone with super-charged all speed motors; SWAN reveals the advanced sophistication and illustrious strength of PowerBullet technology. A SLENDER TOUCH OF PERFECTION Powered by PowerBullet. PowerBullet... is a trusted brand and famous for its magnificent power. It's new technology and focuses on providing consumers with the fiercest energy and is becoming the major source of motor technology for all high end vibrating products. PowerBullet motors and PowerBullet batteries equal unbelievable power and the longest battery life. See the video: if this is what industry people thought of the power, imagine what the consumers will think. For more information, see the PowerBullet section. 100% Premium Silicone While traditional toys still use visible control boxes and have approximately 60% of the product available to use, we have 100% play area in most of the products. SWAN places the controls underneath the silicone. Rechargeable SWAN took over two years to perfect as we wanted working longer and stronger. Synergy is what we have in both the PowerBullet motor and the PowerBullet Lithium Ion providing unheard of running times. Lithium Ion batteries are the best possible choice available and have no memory so you can recharge whenever you wish. How long will they run? As an example the Trumpeter Swan's smallest motor was left on low speed for over 14 hours and was still going when the test came to an end. Enough said! Waterproof Once you feel the product in your hand you will know it is waterproof. Our self-sealing recharge port was one of our main focuses while developing SWAN. SWAN is bath and shower friendly. Powerful All-Speed Independent Motors Most of the SWAN line has independent motors for greater pleasure and control. Our buttons are easy to use with "Press and Hold" technology. Simply press and hold the button down while the vibrations increase. Let go of the button at your desired level. Press and hold again to increase the power. A flashing LED light appears around the button indicating the power is increasing. A solid LED light indicates full power. SWAN is a line for users who enjoy getting down to business. No gimmicks or useless pulsating functions. Users told us they want vibration and that is what SWAN delivers. Instant On/Off "Travel Lock" Function There may be certain times when you want to turn your product off in a hurry. We thought about this and our "Press and Hold" feature allows "one touch off" per button. Travel lock allows you to travel safely without concern that the product might come on and cause embarrassment with security issues or run down the charge. Comes with a FREE travel pouch.