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Ergo Speed Douche - Black

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The Ergo Speed System leads the pack of mainstream anal water play and cleaning systems. Not only do you get a great fresh clean, but this also makes anal play much more fun than ever. The Ergo Speed comes with a six inch soft folding TPR nozzle which makes it extremely comfortable. The nozzle easily bends to accommodate the natural curve inside your body, to give you the easiest and most pleasurable experience. The absolute best feature on the Ergo Speed is the innovative and highly effective backflow preventer system which uses an air valve on the bottom of the bulb. No other product has anything like this. It prevents any residue from entering back in the system, and lets you squeeze the rest of the water inside. The Ergo Speed sports a bending nozzle and Ergo Air Valve Technology. With its 6" TPR bending, bulbous nozzle, a quick cleanse is easy and comfortable. The Bulb is 10 oz Medical Grade PVC/ Phthalate free, with proprietary quick screw-in 6" nozzle. The Ergo Speed is made of Phthalate free TPR and meets EN-713 standards. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.